Severe Gag Reflex

Patients with Severe Gag Reflex

Receiving adequate dental care can pose a challenge for patients with disabilities, but this shouldn’t be the case. Suppose you or a family member has physical, emotional, or other disabilities that make dental visits more challenging. In that case, San Antonio dentist for disabled adults, Dr. Nikhaar Keshwani and her family dental team are more than willing to accommodate your needs. At Babcock Family Dental, we warmly welcome all patients and strive to do our best to ensure that everyone receives comfortable, consistent, and superior dental care at our dental clinic on Babcock Rd. Here are a few methods that we employ when caring for patients with disabilities:

  1. Comfort & Amenities: If your gag reflex is anxiety-induced, Dr. Keshwani offers

  2. luxury amenities like blankets and neck pillows to make patients feel cozy in the dentist’s chair.

    • Nitrous Oxide is a convenient, minimal sedation method that is ideal for patients that are sensitive to medication or have goals to accomplish after their dental visit. Commonly known as “laughing gas,” patients breathe nitrous oxide through a mask. In a journal published by Anesthesia Progress, researchers discovered that a potent blend of 70% nitrous oxide and 30% oxygen improved outcomes for patients with strong gag reflexes.

      Sedation Dentistry: Whether you prefer mild to moderate sedatives, our San Antonio sedation dentist can prescribe non-IV sedation dentistry to get you through your appointment comfortably:

    • Oral Conscious Sedation generally works well for those that don’t respond to laughing gas. As part of your dental treatment plan, Dr. Keshwani can prescribe an oral sedative taken as instructed and before the appointment. While this method might make your eyes feel heavy, it works quickly, and patients typically wake up much faster than deeper forms of dental sedation.

  3. Advanced Technology:

    Some patients with severe gag reflexes may avoid going to the dentist because of the dreaded putty impressions and bulky x-ray sensors. Thankfully, inventors in dental technology have listened to these common complaints, and modern dental 3D scanners and digital dental x-rays are a blessing for people with a strong gag reflex.

    Instead of using alginate impressions, Dr. Keshwani uses dental 3D scans to create models for veneers, invisible braces, and more. Some patients can’t stand to feel the bulky dental x-ray sensors in their mouth or can’t hold still enough to capture usable digital x-rays. Dentistry no longer requires the use of traditional x-rays. At Babcock Family Dental, our dedicated dentist employs digital dental x-rays because they are more comfortable and offer real-time results.

Don’t Let Your Gag Reflex Get in the Way of Going to the Dentist

Would you like more information about sedation dentistry and dental technology that can lessen a severe gag reflex? Reach out to Babcock Family Dental by calling (210) 732-3333 or booking an appointment online.