Dental Phobia & Anxiety

Regular dental visits are essential for everyone and are designed to maintain healthy teeth, gums, and bodies. Yet, dental anxiety and phobia get in the way for many children, teens, and adults. Rather than postponing dental visits, Dr. Nikhaar Keshwani and her family dental team can help you cope with dental anxiety and dental fear. Successfully dealing with dental anxiety is a crucial component of scheduling family dental visits, and here are some (not all) strategies that our San Antonio dental team utilizes:

  1. Open, Honest Treatment Planning:

    Even if you’re embarrassed by extreme dental phobia or anxiety, it’s worth discussing openly and honestly. Either before entering our Babcock Rd. dental office or in-person at your initial consultation, please communicate with Dr. Keshwani and her team about your concerns regarding dental treatment, and don’t hesitate to ask questions. Simply communicating your needs can make the overall process easier for everyone and can translate to less anxiety in the long run.

    Also, treatment planning serves as an opportunity for our experienced dentist for anxiety patients to explain your treatment from start to finish so that there are no surprises and you know exactly what to expect throughout your treatment. Plus, she can review a wide range of dental anxiety treatment options to help you feel more relaxed and comfortable throughout your appointment.

  2. Comfort and Distraction Items and Techniques:

    Not everyone deals with anxiety and fears the same way, and we are open to helping you find coping mechanisms that help ease your dental fears and anxiety, such as:

    • Teaching deep breathing exercises
    • Supporting medication for muscle and mind relaxation
    • Encouraging patients to visualize happy thoughts and a happy place
    • Allowing patients to bring in their headphones and smartphones or iPads so that they can distract themselves with music, TV, or a movie
  3. Non-IV Dental Sedation & Analgesia:

    Conscious sedation is an option for mild, moderate, or severe dental anxiety. At Babcock Family Dental, we offer two types of sedation dentistry methods:

    • Nitrous Oxide is administered through a facial apparatus. When breathed in, it helps patients feel giggly or happy.
    • Dr. Keshwani can prescribe dental anxiety medication for short-term, fast-acting relief.

    With both types of conscious, non-IV dental sedation, we can help patients remain somewhat in control and responsive while helping them be in a relaxed, euphoric, or sleepy state.

    If you’re worried about pain during dental treatments, please don’t. Before many dental treatments, we offer local anesthesia to lessen discomfort (or to ensure that the patient feels nothing at all).


Stress Less About Dental Visits

Dental anxiety and fear affect people of all ages. Still, our Babcock Family Dental team can help you cope with this uncomfortable personal issue to maintain regular appointments, undergo elective procedures, and accomplish your dental health goals.

Speak with San Antonio dental phobia dentist, Dr. Keshwani, by calling 210-732-3333 or messaging us online. We look forward to discussing potential techniques and treatments to calm your nerves, which allows patients to get through critical dental appointments with less stress, anxiety, and fear.