Special Needs Patients

High-quality oral health services belong to everyone, especially those that need them most. So, San Antonio dentist for special needs adults and children, Dr. Nikhaar Keshwani, and the Babcock Family Dental team are dedicated to creating a supportive, inclusive environment to ensure that all patients receive care with dignity, respect, and kindness.

Special Needs Dentistry Defined

Babcock Family Dental is a dentistry for special needs patients. This means that our team delivers compassionate care to patients who struggle with intellectual, sensory, cognitive, developmental, and physical disabilities. Also, we help patients who struggle with dental anxiety and phobia manage their symptoms. Dr. Keshwani and her staff are trained in caring for patients with special needs and can construct treatment plans with individualized demands in mind.

Special Needs Dentistry Services

At Babcock Family Dental, here are some special needs dentistry services that we provide:

Most Common Special Needs Dentistry Questions Answered

Babcock Family Dental offers more than general dentistry services and provides dental care for those with special needs. Because the spectrum of special needs dentistry is so great, it can leave individuals with many questions. In this section, we attempt to clear up some of these questions. However, if you have additional questions, please feel free to call us at 210-732-3333.

  1.   Do patients with special needs have specific dental concerns? Because “special needs dentistry” is an umbrella term, not every special needs patient has the same exact dental concerns, but many have special dental needs. Children with disabilities and special needs have a higher chance of developing health problems—this staggering statistic includes oral health. Regular dental visits with a special needs dentist can help families stay on top of impending oral health issues.
  2. Do you use sedation dentistry on all special needs patients before dental work? In short, absolutely not. Sedation dentistry is an excellent tool for those that are antsy or nervous, but it’s ideal for every single patient and only recommended when deemed necessary. With our patient team trained in special needs dental care, we partner with caretakers and individuals with special needs to create a treatment plan that works for them.
  3.  My special needs or disabled patient has behavior issues. Will you treat them? Our San Antonio dental team can treat all types of patients, including those that struggle with behavioral issues, and we can create a treatment plan to ensure that they receive the care they need.

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Babcock Family Dental takes pride in being a special needs dental clinic in the heart of San Antonio and is prepared and willing to provide inclusive, comprehensive general dental care.

Suppose you or your loved one necessitates unique accommodations or modifications or wants a change of pace in dentistry in San Antonio, TX. In that case, we invite you to reach out to a member of our dental team today to discuss the best options for care. Call 210-732-3333 or message us online to schedule an appointment at Babcock Family Dental today.