Sedation Dentistry

Needle-Free Sedation Dentistry

Anxiety or fear of the dentist is relatively common and is challenging to deal with, but those are not excuses to put off getting necessary dental work. Instead, ask your San Antonio dentist about methods to help patients feel more relaxed in the dentist’s chair, including sedation dentistry. Here, our Babcock Family Dental team answers questions like:

  • What is sedation dentistry?
  • Is pain-free dentistry possible?
  • What is oral sedation?

Sedation Dentistry Defined

Occasionally referred to as “sleep dentistry,” sedation dentistry covers a variety of techniques that help patients cope during dental procedures. Our sedation dentist intends to curate anxiety-free, pain-free dentistry experiences for patients of all ages.

Types of Conscious Sedation Dentistry

At Babcock Family Dental, we offer two non-IV, conscious sedation methods:

Nitrous Oxide Dentistry

If you’ve visited the dentist, you might be familiar with “laughing gas.” Our sedation dentist uses nitrous oxide (laughing gas) to relax patients during dental procedures. Our nitrous oxide dentist administers this treatment through a mask placed on the nose. When breathed in, laughing gas works quickly and helps patients feel a sense of euphoria (instead of fear).

Because nitrous oxide is a gas, it wears off quickly, and patients are allowed to drive home and carry on their typical day after a nitrous oxide dental procedure.

Oral Sedation Dentistry

Do you struggle with dental anxiety or fear? If so, the idea of oral sedation is an easy pill to swallow. Oral sedation, or pill sedation, is one standard sedation method that general dentists employ.

Generally, it’s a type of Benzodiazepine (for instance, Xanax) that reduces activity in the brain that controls the fight or flight response. Consequently, patients generally feel relaxed but can still respond to commands under oral sedation dentistry.

Most Common Sedation Dentistry Questions Answered

  1. Does dental sedation help patients deal with pain? While some forms of non-IV conscious sedation can help a patient feel less, Dr. Keshwani offers separate pain management treatments to ensure that patients are as comfortable as possible during dental treatments. This could include topical numbing agents or shots that deaden the sensation in the surgical site.
  2.  Is sedation dentistry right for me?

    At your initial consultation, Dr. Keshwani will review your health history and concerns to decide if you could benefit from sedation dentistry. Some reasons why you might want sedation include having:

    • An extensive amount of dental work done
    • A severe gag reflex or sensitive teeth
    • Immense anxiety or trouble sitting still during dental procedures
  3. Is dental non-iv sedation safe? Dr. Keshwani received proper training and has multiple years of experience administering dental sedation methods. At Babcock Family Dental, we offer conscious sedation so that patients can still be in control of their bodies and closely monitor patient well-being throughout all treatment processes.

Sedation Dentistry Can Make Family Dental Appointments Even Easier

At Babcock Family Dental, our San Antonio dentist uses needle-free nitrous oxide and oral sedation to help patients feel more relaxed and less discomfort during dental treatments. Learn more about sleep dentistry in San Antonio, TX, by calling 210-732-3333 or messaging us online.