Notoriously, oral health experts have understood that periodontal (gum) disease is the leading cause of adult tooth loss. Still, periodontal disease is not necessarily confined to the mouth, and improving gum health could improve your overall health. San Antonio periodontics dentist Dr. Nikhaar Keshwani prevents, diagnoses, and manages gum disease through periodontic services to keep patients her patients well.

Periodontics Defined

What is Periodontics? Periodontics is the study of the gum and bone tissue that support the teeth that keep the teeth healthy and stable. Gum disease starts as an infection known as gingivitis but can worsen into an irreversible, inflammatory disease that destroys the gums and other supporting structures around the teeth.

Periodontic Services

Our Babcock Family Dental team offers many services designed to help you and your family achieve peak gum health. Here are some periodontal services that we provide at our Babcock Rd. location:

Most Common Periodontics Questions Answered

  1.   What causes gum disease?

Even though every patient is different, here are some culprits that can increase your likelihood of developing gum disease:

  • Poor oral hygiene
  • Family history
  • Bad
  • Changes in hormone levels (for example, pregnancy)
  • Medications with side effects that impact oral health
  1.   What are the symptoms of periodontal (gum) disease?

Generally, gum disease only worsens if it’s ignored. During the early stages of gum disease, you might notice red, swollen, or bleeding gums. You can blame bacterial buildup for a persistent bad smell or state in the mouth. Eventually, periodontal pockets deepen due to tartar buildup, and you might notice gums drifting away from the tooth (gum recession). As the gums recede and infection flourish, the teeth destabilize, and you could potentially experience discomfort, tooth loss, and bone atrophy.

  1.   How common is gum disease?

According to the latest CDC report, almost half of people 30 or older show signs of gum disease. Furthermore, severe gum disease affects nearly 10% of adults.

  1.   How does periodontal disease impact overall health?

Theoretically, periodontal disease is a serious issue for not only your oral health but your overall health. Although gum disease starts as mild redness and swelling in the gum tissue, this classic inflammatory response worsens inflammation throughout the body. While the relationship between gum health and systemic disease is not fully understood, periodontal disease is linked to the progression of:

  • Cardiovascular disease
  • Respiratory disease
  • Diabetes
  • Alzheimer’s disease
  • Certain cancers

It’s important to note that these diseases generally worsen as gingival status worsens, but they also typically improve as your gum health improves.

  1.   Is gum disease inevitable?

Despite the fact that gum disease is prevalent in our country, it’s largely preventable through excellent at-home oral hygiene routines and attending regular dental cleanings and exams.

Seek San Antonio Periodontal Disease Treatment

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