Not everyone is born with straight teeth. Therefore, orthodontic treatments (like metal braces and invisible aligners) exist so people can obtain a picture-perfect smile. At Babcock Family Dental, Dr. Nikhaar Keshwani can let you know if orthodontic treatment can benefit the way your smile looks, functions, and feels.

Orthodontics Defined

What is orthodontics? Orthodontics is a branch of dentistry that focuses on positioning the teeth and jaws. Even though teeth are seemingly stable, the periodontal ligaments (PDL) that anchor the tooth roots can be manipulated by a constant force.

When applied correctly, braces and clear aligners have the power to change the position of the teeth gradually. The goal of orthodontic treatment is to change the position of the teeth and jaws for cosmetic and health reasons.

Orthodontic Services

Many don’t realize that misaligned teeth and jaws are more than an aesthetic issue. For example, crooked, overcrowded teeth are harder to clean. Thus, misalignment can increase gum disease and tooth decay risk. Also, a misaligned jaw can lead to developmental issues, like speech issues, trouble eating, and temporomandibular joint disorder. Two contemporary and common types of orthodontic treatments are traditional braces and clear aligners:

Traditional Braces

Oral health professionals have used metal braces to effectively move teeth with fixed brackets and wires for over a century. Many people think of traditional braces as an antiquated, bulky, and noticeable system. Modern advances make today’s metal braces more subtle and sleek.

Clear Aligners

Over the past decades, clear aligners (also known as invisible braces) have surged in popularity. They are famously discreet, comfortable, and removable.

Most Common Orthodontic Questions Answered

If you’re weighing out the pros and cons of orthodontic treatment for you or a loved one, it’s natural to have questions. Here are some questions that we often hear regarding braces and clear aligners:

  1. In a nutshell, clear aligners and traditional braces are effective treatment methods used to:

    • Ensure proper teeth and jaw alignment
    • Close gaps between teeth
    • Straighten out crooked teeth
    • Mend oral-facial function (like eating or speaking)
    • Improve improper bites
  2. The total clear aligner or braces cost is based on the severity of the current alignment. Essentially, the more rounds of invisible aligners or materials needed for braces, you can expect an overall higher cost.

    Also, it’s important to note that if your dental insurance covers the cost of traditional braces, then they should also cover the cost of clear braces. If you’re concerned about paying for metal braces or clear braces for adults out of pocket, please inquire about our financing options to get the treatment you need.

  3. Ah! The great debate! Both systems have their advantages and disadvantages. Speak with Dr. Keshwani about which option is more suitable for you.

With a gloved hand, feel for lumps or bumps that protrude from soft tissues along the cheeks, gums, and under the tongue.

Straighten Your Smile through Orthodontic Treatment in San Antonio

Metal and invisible braces can help you achieve a better smile. Call 210-732-3333 or message us online to see if you qualify for orthodontic treatment in San Antonio, TX.