Tooth Pain

Whether it’s sharp, sudden, or dull, tooth pain is challenging to ignore. While we can’t see them, our teeth are filled with incredibly sensitive nerve endings. Generally, toothaches are caused by irritated, inflamed dental nerves, dentin, and other dental structures. At Babcock Family Dental, Dr. Nikhaar Keshwani identifies the cause of each patient’s tooth pain so that she can help them find relief.

Toothpain Defined

Simply, tooth pain (or a toothache) is discomfort in or around a tooth. While some minor toothaches can be treated at home or go away on their own, more severe toothaches are caused by major dental and facial problems and won’t get better without intervention from a dentist.

Dental Pain Causes and Treatment

To find out how to treat a toothache, Dr. Keshwani must first pinpoint what is causing the toothache. Here are some common reasons for tooth pain:

Sensitive Teeth

Even though enamel is the hardest substance in the body, it’s still fragile and can erode over time. When the underlying layer (dentin) is exposed, almost everything you eat or drink can cause sharp pain. Aside from inadequate enamel, gum disease can also cause dental sensitivity. When the gums begin pulling away from the teeth (gums receding), this reveals the tooth roots.

Teeth Grinding Pain

If you’re guilty of grinding teeth during sleep or stressful moments, the enamel eventually wears away and might even fracture. Ask Dr. Keshwani about a customized mouth guard for grinding teeth (before it’s too late).

Tooth Decay and Cracked Tooth Pain

When a cavity or crack seeps into the protective layer of your tooth, the sensitive dentin and nerves will likely become unprotected. Depending on the size of the cavity or crack, Dr. Keshwani might suggest composite fillings, dental crowns, or another treatment.

Wisdom Tooth Pain

Whether you’re a baby or an adult, teething hurts. If you’re feeling pressure or pain in the back of the mouth, then it’s likely that your third molars are attempting to emerge. In this case, speak to your general dentist to see if wisdom teeth removal is necessary.

Outside of the Mouth

Although it might seem strange, it’s possible to experience tooth pain due to issues outside of the mouth. For instance, clogged or infected sinuses might lead to tooth pain. Also, toothaches can be a symptom of a much larger issue, like temporomandibular joint dysfunction.

Signs that It’s Time to Call Your Family Dentist for Tooth Pain

If you’re suffering from a toothache, don’t put off scheduling a trip to the dentist. Chances are that what’s causing your toothache will worsen over time. Call 210-732-3333 as soon as possible if you are experiencing the following:

  • Discomfort that is not relieved by over-the-counter drugs
  • Persistent facial or TMJ pain
  • Discomfort associated with swollen gums or face
  • A dental emergency, where the teeth are broken or knocked out
  • Wisdom teeth pain
  • Severe tooth pain after dental extraction

Our San Antonio Dentist Can Help You Manage Dental Pain

Babcock Family Dental is committed to offering toothache services that are effective and time-sensitive. So, call 210-732-3333 to schedule same-day dental services and get the relief you deserve.