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Dental Crown Myths Demystified

If a single tooth suffers from severe decay or damage, dental crowns are often the first line of defense. Because dental crowns are so popular, there are lingering misconceptions about this restorative dentistry option. The Babcock Family Dental team clears up this confusion by unpacking and disproving the top four myths surrounding dental crowns.

Myth #1: Dental crowns are for people with poor oral hygiene.

If you know someone who has had extensive tooth decay, it’s likely that their dentist used a dental crown to protect their tooth after treatment. But dental crowns are not solely for those that have neglected their overall oral hygiene.

Crowns can be a great option for those that require teeth repair after a major dental injury, like a cracked molar. Sometimes, they can piece together a severely fractured tooth. Other times, those who suffer from bruxism (or habitual teeth grinding) can eventually erode their enamel and expose dental nerves.

Regardless of how well you keep your teeth clean, dental injuries happen and can be completely out of our locust of control. When this happens, a well-placed dental crown can protect our teeth from further harm.

Myth #2: Dental crowns look fake.

When San Antonio dentist, Dr. Nikhaar Keshwani, designs dental crowns, she designs them specifically for the patient in need. The goal of natural-looking ceramic dental crowns is for the caps to blend in with the smile seamlessly. If you choose porcelain crowns, the glossy effect of ceramic reflects light similar to natural enamel. Plus, our family dentist will color-match the crown to the natural shade of your teeth. When completed, your new dental crown should be indistinguishable from the rest of your natural teeth. Thus, no one (except you and Dr. Keshwani) should realize that you have undergone a tooth crown procedure.

Myth #3: They don’t feel like natural teeth.

With any dental restoration, it’s normal to worry that they could feel out of place or feel weird. Beyond aesthetics, Dr. Keshwani tailors dental crowns to ensure they fit perfectly in the mouth.

Before cementing the permanent crown, she will double-check how your smile and bite feel. If necessary, our general dentist will adjust before permanently setting the dental crown.

Also, the natural tooth structure supports the dental crown. So, you shouldn’t feel any difference in dental strength or stability. If anything, you’ll notice that your teeth feel significantly improved after treatment.

Myth #4: Crowns are indestructible.

Even though dental crowns are durable, they can stand about as much daily wear and tear as natural teeth. Eventually, they might need replacement, and how long they last can depend on the material you choose, and how you treat them can affect the total dental restoration lifespan.

Save Your Smile with Dental Crowns

Although there are many misconceptions surrounding dental crowns, one thing is for sure: dental crowns are a reliable method of strengthening, protecting, and rejuvenating a smile when needed. Find out if you’re a candidate for dental crowns in San Antonio, TX, by calling 210-732-3333 or messaging us online.

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