Dental Bridges

Do you have one or more missing, consecutive teeth? If so, Dr. Nikhaar Keshwani can install a dental bridge to rebuild the function and appearance of your smile. Most dentists view dental bridges as a conservative, first-line treatment for patients with missing teeth.

Dental Bridge Defined

What is a dental bridge? Sometimes called a “tooth bridge,” a dental bridge is a custom-made series of replacement teeth designed to restore your smile permanently.

Typically, dental bridges are made of a series of false, natural-looking teeth and consist of:

  • Abutment teeth serve as supporting teeth on either side of the space. Generally, the dental bridge is attached with two dental crowns or two dental implant-supported crowns.
  • Pontics are artificial teeth that fill in the space. They are attached to the abutment teeth.

Reasons Why People Need Dental Bridges

A dental bridge is an excellent option if you’ve lost one or two teeth or need an extraction. If the missing tooth (or teeth) are not in the smile line, it might seem tempting to avoid the financial and time investment of a dental bridge. But the implications of not replacing natural teeth often worsen over time.

Of course, dental bridges are much more a way to restore a dazzling smile. Life can feel a little more challenging when you have one or more missing teeth. Missing teeth impact your ability to chew and speak as well as distort your face’s shape.

What to Expect During a Dental Bridge Appointment

Typically, Dr. Keshwani attaches dental bridges in two visits. If you need one, here’s what you can expect from us:

  • Step 1: Dr. Keshwani will inspect your smile and discuss tooth replacement options at your initial appointment. Dental bridges are a great go-to option because they look, feel, and function like natural teeth.
  • Step 2: If you and our general dentist decide that dental bridges are a great treatment for your smile, Dr. Keshwani will extract the unwanted tooth (if needed) and prepare the abutment teeth. Generally, this entails shaving down some enamel but keeping the vital tooth root intact.
  • Step 3: Afterward, Dr. Keshwani uses a 3D dental scanner to create digital scans of your smile, sends your digital impressions to an off-site dental lab, and places a temporary teeth bridge for the time being.
  • Step 4: When your custom-made dental bridge is fabricated, a Babcock Family Dental team member will call you back in for placement.
  • Step 5: For traditional dental bridges, Dr. Keshwani will cement dental crowns on the abutment teeth, and then you can go about the rest of your life with a fuller, more functional smile.

Discover How a Dental Bridge Can Improve Your Lifestyle

Dr. Keshwani and the team at Babcock Family Dental are dedicated to helping our community restore their oral health and improve the appearance of their smiles through high-quality, contemporary dentistry techniques, like natural-looking, durable dental bridges.

Schedule a personalized dental bridge consultation in San Antonio, TX, by calling 210-732-3333 or messaging us online.