Dental Implants

Are you considering dental implants? Here’s what you need to know. Whether you’ve lost teeth through aging, decay, or an incident, tooth loss is more common than one might think. When this unfortunate factor of life happens, a dental implant-supported restoration can be a feasible, high-functioning tooth replacement option. Before dental implant placement, it’s natural […]


Dental Bridge vs. Implant: Let’s Settle This Great Debate! Losing teeth can significantly impact more than just your looks and confidence levels. Our teeth help us with many everyday functions, like eating and speaking. Among the many restorative dentistry solutions, two standard tooth-replacement options are dental bridges and dental implant-supported restorations. While both approaches can […]


Dental Crown Myths Demystified If a single tooth suffers from severe decay or damage, dental crowns are often the first line of defense. Because dental crowns are so popular, there are lingering misconceptions about this restorative dentistry option. The Babcock Family Dental team clears up this confusion by unpacking and disproving the top four myths […]