Karbach Family

Meet The Family

My wife Tish and I have two sons.  Our older son is a graduate of Texas A&M and is a nurse working in cardiac intensive care.   Our younger son attended The University of Texas  at San Antonio and is an accountant.  They both still enjoy tormenting their parents.

David Karbach Family Dentist

David N. Karbach D.D.S.

Born and raised in Indiana, I'm a Hoosier transplant.  At Indiana University I earned a Bachelor's degree in both Chemistry and Biology and moved to Texas to work at Dow Chemical.  Two years later I decided to become a dentist.

In 1987 I received my dental degree from The University of Texas Dental School here in San Antonio.  For five years after graduating, I was proud to serve as a dentist in the United States Navy.  My duty stations included a submarine base, an air base and the aircraft carrier USS Nimitz.  It was in 1993 that I began my private practice at Babcock Family Dental.

As member of the Academy of General Dentistry (AGD), I achieved fellowship status in 2007. This required many hours of continuing education and passing a rigorous, comprehensive exam.  I became a Master of the AGD in 2011.  This required taking 1100 more hours of structured, high quality continuing education.

I really love dentistry.  I enjoy and gain a lot of knowledge from my continuing education courses.  But over time I discovered that dentistry is really about people.  I've learned much more from my patients than from any continuing education course.  It only takes one patient saying, "Thank you" to make my day.  I feel lucky to be a dentist.

Click on the video below to see Dr. Karbach run his dogsled into trees!  See him dogsled with the sled on its side!  Watch for his white boot when the sled tips on its side and he falls off!  The fun never ends!

Tish Karbach

Tish Karbach

My wife Tish will make you feel welcome with her warm, bubbly personality.  It worked on me.  We've been married 32 years.  She runs the front office.  If you want to know anything about your insurance coverage ask Tish.  She probably knows more about it than anybody.

Tish was born in Tennessee but raised in Texas.  She grew up around dentistry.  We met while she was working in the dental school lab.  Her father was the head of the Pediatric Dentistry Department and one of my professors.  Thus, I was forced to study hard for my pediatric dentistry tests.

At home, Tish spends a lot of her time helping our sons overcome life's little obstacles.  She's also a Reality TV addict.  She dreams of the day she and I will be on "The Amazing Race" together.  Keep dreamin' Tish.

Click on the video below to see Tish falling off a dogsled.  The view is from my (Dr. K's) dogsled cam.  Tish is driving the sled in front of me.  Our guide Jon is sitting in her sled. When tish falls off, Jon is left in the sled with no way to stop/brake the dogs.  The dogs keep running until Jon grabs a tree and tips the sled over.