We are different...

Those two good looking people below are my wife Tish and me, Dr. David Karbach. I'm the dentist and Tish is my boss. Obviously. You think I'd choose purple for the website's color?

Most dental offices look, feel and smell like a dental office. Not ours. We've spent over 20 years making our office unique. We'll do everything possible to make you feel at home when you walk through our door. But we won't make you take out the trash! Have a seat in our relaxing waiting room and watch the fish in our beautiful saltwater reef aquarium. As you can see on the right, our clownfish isn't as lucky as Nemo. Ours is still in the aquarium!

We like to have a good time here at Babcock Family Dental. But I take my dentistry seriously. I'm dedicated to improving my skills and keeping up with the latest advances in dentistry. I take countless hours of continuing education each year. We give our patients the high quality dentistry they deserve at a reasonable price. We look forward to seeing you!